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iPod Nano review roundup

Posted On: Mon, 12/09/2005 - 06:33 by Alex

Not entirely unexpectedly, there have been a multitude of online (and offline) reviews of Apple's new entry into the flash mp3 player market, including one by PC Magazine, one by TUAW, and one by Walter Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal.

They're all very positive.

My favourite review, however, is the one by Jacqui and Clint on Arstechnica. It goes into a little detail about new "applications" built into the iPod, including a stopwatch, world clocks, and a screen lock. Unfortunately, it doesn't tell us about sound quality, but they do try their darndest to destroy the ipod.

They actually drove over it. (It's called "stress testing!")

What.. fun.

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