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n-Gage Emulation

Posted On: Mon, 01/11/2004 - 09:26 by Alex

DO NOT ASK ABOUT WHERE TO FIND N-GAGE GAMES:Symplification has no idea, does not have any, and does not know where to look. Be warned that your IP will be banned.

Nokia n-Gage (or ngage) game compatibility with all Symbian Series 60 devices is rendered impossible by two things: encrypted games, and features specific to the n-Gage. This effectively means that even if you buy an n-Gage cartridge, and make a backup as detailed below, it is unlikely that you will legally be able to make the game work on your 7610; particularly because of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act which prohibits the circumvention of encryption. However, presuming you overcome these hurdles, the following games are reported to work flawlessly on the 7610.

  1. Ashen (wrong colours)
  2. Asphalt Urban GT (wrong colours)
  3. Fifa 2005
  4. MotoGp
  5. MLB Slam
  6. NCAA
  7. Puyo Pop
  8. Rayman 3
  9. Red Faction
  10. SonicN
  11. Sega Rally
  12. Spiderman 2
  13. Splinter Cell (wrong colours)
  14. Super Monkey Ball
  15. Tomb Raider
  16. Tony Hawks Pro Skater
  17. VirtuaTennis

Nokia did state that they would try to ensure that future games used features specific to only the n-Gage, and this might be true. It has been similarly reported that The Sims: Busting Out and Ghost Recon are not working on the 7610. Another method of foiling use of n-Gage games in other Symbian phones has been to change the color palette. Certain games, such as Ashen and Splinter Cell, work, except that the palette is wrong, as noted above.

Backing Up n-Gage Games.
It is possible to make backups of n-Gage Games you own. The procedure simply consists of making an entire source file copy of the MMC the game arrived in. This procedure is detailed below, but note that the backup will not work (even in the N-Gage) without further modification. The modification is beyond the scope of this site.

  1. Download and Install WinHex. The current version is 11.8.
  2. Connect the MMC to your computer. This will work with a card reader, or with a Symbian device which can read MMC's, including the n-Gage. Note that connection using a 7610 is difficult, because physical alteration of the MMC will be required.
  3. Open winHex, and use it to "clone disk." Obviously, choose the mmc as the source, and a file as the destination.

Installing n-Gage Games:
This guide assumes you have specific versions of nGage games. There are two possible formats: as a .blz; e.g. vtennis.blz, or simply in a system directory.

Installing the latter type of file is easier, simply connect your 7610 to your PC, and copy the files to the E:/ of your phone. It does not matter whether the system folder is visible.

DO NOT ASK ABOUT WHERE TO FIND N-GAGE GAMES:Symplification has no idea, does not have any, and does not know where to look. Be warned that your IP will be banned.

To install .blz files:

  1. Download the BLZ Installer. (Available on this page: scroll to the bottom)
  2. UnRAR the file, and install it the same way you would install other .sis files.
  3. Copy the .blz file to E:/ of your phone.
  4. Run the BLZ Installer on your phone, and follow the on-screen prompts.

After installation is complete, the phone is should be restarted. This serves to free memory, and therefore using an application such as memory monitor may also be acceptable, but restarting is a good idea generally to prevent problems. If the games still do not work after this, attempt installing other games first: Spiderman 2, particularly, is excellent for resolving problems. These arise because the game tries to access files in /system/lib which are unavailable; Spiderman 2 provides a full set of these files.

This is merely presented for the sake of completeness. Symplification neither participates in nor condones the use of nGage games on the 7610

Removing n-Gage Games:

The easiest method to remove n-Gage games from the 7610 is to use a file manager on the 7610. Any of the file managers, except the file manager which comes with the phone, will be capable of doing this.

We particularly recommend FExplorer (Official Site/Donate to Author) This has been released as freeware, and works perfectly (version 1.11) on the 7610.

After downloading and installing the file manager, simply browse to e:/system/apps/. The game directory will be the name of the game, or alternatively a four-character random word, e.g. /6R43/ or /6RAT/. Simply delete the directory. There may be some remnant files in e:/system/libs/, but it is generally a bad idea to delete this entire folder because other programs may require files in it.

The other method of deleting the game is to format the MMC. You will, of course, lose everything else you've installed in the drive.

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