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New N-Series Symbian phones to be released soon - N80 slider and N71 clamshell

Posted On: Fri, 09/09/2005 - 13:16 by Alex

On 30th August, Macromedia organized what appears to be a press event for Macromedia Studio 8 in Taipei. You can look at a gallery of pictures of the event here, by lis186 on flickr.( google cache of the announcement of the event; text in traditional chinese)

During this event a particular slide was shown:

There are a couple of surprises apparent.

1. Nokia will soon be announcing the two new N-Series phones; a N80 slider, and an N71 clamshell. This might be what Michael at mobileburn meant when he said: expect some big news from one of the major handset manufacturers to hit us.

This in itself is not surprising. Nokia has recently released several (non-symbian) slider phones, and because the very first symbian S60 phone (Nokia 7650) was a slider. Nokia has also recently moved strongly into the clamshell market.

2. The release date of the N91 seems to have been delayed. It is pictured in Q1 2006, while previous information forecasted a end 2005 release. Of course, the slide is titled Flash Lite Roadmap; and hence it may simply mean that Flash Lite will only be available for that device then, not that the phone will only be available then. This is given credence because the N70 uses Symbian OS 8.1a while the N91 uses Symbian OS 9.1. We can but hope...

(we'll talk about the other surprises in the next article)

[via Marco Casario]

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