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Get a Nokia 6682 for $99 from www.nokiausa.com

Posted On: Wed, 14/09/2005 - 14:59 by Alex

Hot on the heels of the information that the Nokia 6682 is becoming available on Cingular, the smart folks at howardforums teach us how to acquire the phone for just $99.00 from www.nokiausa.com, courtesy of two "instant rebates." You need to pick a plan which costs more than $39 a month, and sign a 2 year contract. Note that the phone is not listed as a phone you can buy, you have to search for wireless plans, pick a cingular wireless plan, then select the Nokia 6682.

Look at the detailed steps here.

The Nokia is a triband GSM phone built for the US market (it uses the 850Mhz band) which is part of the latest shipping set of Symbian Series 60 phones.

A question many of you will be asking is - should I buy this phone? My opinion is that it's an excellent phone, will provide you with much symbian goodness, and at this price it's a bargain. The only thing it really lacks is a 3G connection, but no symbian phones exist which would provide that in the US. It might not be a worthwhile upgrade if you have a phone from the previous generation (For the US, basically that would mean a Nokia 7610b). This is also the best choice if you need the 850 Mhz band and Symbian, as there is no announced Nokia Symbian phone which works in that band. The choice is slightly less clear if you don't need 850Mhz, because the Nokia N90 is shipping (though not yet in the US) and the Nokia N70 is expected soon.

If you still can't decide, read a good review of the Nokia 6682. After you buy the phone, come back and get our Symbian S60 freeware bundle.

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